Who We Are

Who We Are

As Medin Globe, we have been serving in the field of health tourism in Istanbul Turkey since 2009. We specialize in Obesity Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dental Treatments, Hair Transplantation and many other fields. 

Operations are performed in internationally accredited luxury hospitals and dental treatments are provided in our luxury clinic by carefully selected and regularly evaluated contracted surgeons.

At Medin Globe, it is our priority to offer our services to our patients at the most affordable prices possible without compromising on luxury and quality. Our specially trained physician assistants treat all our patients like family and are with them every step of the way to ensure their satisfaction. This approach continues when you return home after the operation. In this way, we achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

We are a big family with many specialized doctors, prepared medical teams, professional staff and consultants representing us in Europe. We currently cooperate with 137 hospitals and more than 800 specialists across Turkey. Our only goal is to achieve the best outcome for you. With our medical network, we are ready to choose the right specialist for your treatment and monitor every stage of your case.

We guarantee the trust of our patients with an average of 350 hair transplants, 70 various cosmetic operations and 50 aesthetic dental operations we perform every month.

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